Ticketmaster Australia and Tennis SA announce a multi-year partnership to ticket The Drive

The Drive and Tennis SA are delighted to announce a multi-year partnership with Ticketmaster Australia to ticket content for The Drive, fresh from our brand-new redevelopment. Under the agreement, Ticketmaster will provide ticketing services on an exclusive basis for all publicly ticketed events scheduled at The Drive, which now has an expanded capacity to accommodate up to 7,000 attendees.

Our selection of Ticketmaster ensures an enhanced fan experience for all attendees, granting them access to Ticketmaster’s cutting-edge ticketing infrastructure. From a seamless ticket purchase process to ensuring frictionless entry into The Drive and leveraging innovative marketing tools, both teams will benefit from Ticketmaster’s market-leading technology that will support bringing crowds to the newly refurbished venue.

Welcome to The Drive.

This nostalgic place, familiar in memories and moments, now breathes new life, accessible and welcoming to all. Inspired by the openness of its architecture, and the unique intimacy of the space, it is a place where new memories for life will be forged, court-side to this city we all love.

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